31 January 2018

Polish team - Kamil

I'm fourteen years old. I live in Luboń, I am a student of second grade junior high school. I study in a mathematics and physical class. I have two brothers, senior Tymek and younger Marek. I'm interested in astronomy, history and literature. I am a friend of animals. A dog with whom I look after lives lives with us. Kamil

Polish team - Beata W.


My name is Beata (Betty) and I’m 14 years old. I live in Lubon. I like play table tennis and horse riding. I also often read books and listen to music. I have got two brothers: Grzegorz (17) and Kamil (8). I also have got a cat. Its name is Mickey. My dream is to visit many countries and interesting places.

30 January 2018

Can Mas team - Mónica


My name is Mónica Rodríguez, I am 13 years old and I study in an institute called Can Mas. I have a younger sister named Sandra, she’s 9 years old. My father and my mother’s names are Manolo and Mari Carmen.
I do this exchange because I think it's a new experience and by trying new things you do not lose anything at all...
I like dancing and my favorite food is macaroni and pizza. I am a sociable person and in my free time I like hanging out with my friends around the town, listening to music and watching TV series.
See you soon :)
Instagram: @moniicaa.08_

23 January 2018

Can Mas team - Toni

Hi! My name is Toni. I’m 14 years old. I live in a flat in Ripollet. I have got a sister. Her name is Edurne and my mum and dad are Maria del Mar and Jose, respectively. My favorite sport is football and I every week I go training. I think I am a nice guy. I haven’t got any pet. My mum works in Louis Vuitton and my father works as truck men. My favourite hobbys are playing football and playing with playstation.
My Instagram: tooni1204
See you!

22 January 2018

Polish team - Zofia K.

Hello! My name is Zosia (Sophie). I’m 15 years old. I live in Luboń. I’m in the second form of junior high school. I’ve got younger brother Kamil (12), and yonger stepsister, Helena (4). I love reading books, playing the guitar and singing. My dream is visit all countries in the world, that’s why I’m going to this exchange. Of course, I also want to meet new friends. After school I swim, learn English and what’s the most important I’m scout. We’ve got meetings once a week. I very like maths (I’m in physical and mathematical class). I’ve got bookstagram (it’s profil on Instagram about books). In the future I would like to be an architect, an accountant or an IT specialist, but my big dream is to be musical actress.
See you soon :*
My Instagram ~> zosik2102
My Bookstagram ~> lamy.czytaja

21 January 2018

Polish team - Marianna

Hi, my name is Marianna, but everyone calls me Mania ☺My little brother’s name is Maciek and my older sister name is Ola. I’m a scout in my town (and I love it <3). I like drawing and traveling. I really like meeting new people, but at first I am a little shy.

Polish team - Martyna

Hi <3 My name is Martyna and i am 14 years old. I am from Luboń (near Poznań). I have 2 sisters: Kamila and Ania. Kamila is 19, Ania is 23- so I am the youngest girl (I like it!) I am very brave and open to new people. I want to learn Spanish in future- at this moment I can just say Hello :/. I love playing Violin, because I have finished Music School. Music is important part of my life. I also like making movies- It is very interesting because it is making me creative. I have the SWEETES dog in this world J
His name is Burbon and he is the pug. I can’t wait to looking Barcelona <3 

18 January 2018

Can Mas team - Angels

Hello!! my name is Angels and I’m 13 years old.
I have got lots of hobbies. Some of them are: dancing and art crafts. I also go to a gym and dance hip hop and to an arts academy. My favourite food is the stew without vegetables and with “galets” (a sort of pasta). I only like vegetables if they are smashed.
I’m allergic to rabbits and cats and my favourite animals are dogs. I love them because they are so beautiful!
See you soon!

17 January 2018

Christmas raffle

Just before Christmas time we organized a raffle to get some money for our tryp to Poland. We finally sent hundreds of tickets so we'll be able to safe some money:)

The lucky one was Danae's grandma who got the number: 578.