26 February 2018

EYCH2018 Label Award for our project

Today we have received this letter from European Comission :
Dear Magdalena,
Thank you for having applied for the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 (EYCH) label.
We have read the Student exchange Institut Can Mas, Ripollet - Szkoła Podstawowa nr 5, Luboń initiative with interest and we are pleased to inform you that it fulfils the award criteria of the EYCH label. The ground for our decision is that the initiative can contribute to the achievement of one or more of the objectives of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, as endorsed by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU in Article 2 of the legal decision calling for the EYCH.

We are happy to grant your project with the right to use the EYCH's visual identity, including:
1. The EYCH logotype, available in five colours (and a monochrome version)

2. The slogan Our heritage: where the past meets the future

3. The hashtag #EuropeForCulture


We thank you warmly for your enthusiasm towards the EYCH and count on your most valuable support to make it a success.

Best regards,

The EYCH Team
European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 task force

European Commission

Directorate-General for Education and Culture

Unit D.1 - Cultural policy

J-II 70 02/248

B-1049 Brussels/Belgium


22 February 2018

Our meetings on Facebook

12 days left...

Greetings in Catalan and in Polish

Our meeting is comming...Let's learn a few words in Catalan and in Polish! ☺

List of partners


1. Adam Kiełbasiński
Marcos Álvarez
2.      Grzegorz Pawłowicz
Alain Guirao
3.      Beata Siwek
Judith Galera
4.      Ada Januszczak
Luhara Ledesma
5.      Natalia Wożniak
Ariana Ramirez
6.      Nadia Wadelska
María Romero
7.      Adrianna Kropińska
Marina Velasco
8.      Maja Reclik
Helena Lahboubi
9.      Natalia Matyjasik
Aitana Muñoz
10. Anna Konarska
Claudia Ortiz
11. Wojciech Konwiński
Antonio Vergara
12. Barbara Smoczyk
Lucía Cardero
13. Kacper Krzyżostaniak
Guillem Mora
14. Jakub Chizari
Angels Álvarez
15. Karolina Duchiewicz
Marina Gea
16. Zofia Rychel
Carla Villanueva
17. Józefina Paszko
Marta Ruiz
18. Julia Ziemkowska
Danae Muñoz
19. Łukasz Kowalski
Adrià Gallego
20. Martyna Malinowska
Ariana Plata
21. Beata Wiśniewska
22. Zofia Kaczmarek
Alba Carmona
23. Kamil Malinowski
Aaron Alcocer
24. Marianna Kowańska
Mónica Rodriguez

11 February 2018

Our meetings - presentations

  • 5.02.2018 - meeting with students and parents in Luboń

  • 7.02.2018 -  meeting with students and parents in Ripollet