20 December 2017

Can Mas team - Aitana

My name is Aitana. I'm thirteen and I live in Ripollet. I am tall, my eyes are brown I have long curly hair.
In my free time I love playing basketball and I usually play on the weekends too.I like going out with my friends and having fun. I have one brother called Manel. He has got 14 years old and we get on well.
I am looking forward to meeting you all!
See you very soon!

11 December 2017

Can Mas team - María

My name is María Romero, I’m thirteen years old, and I live in Ripollet, a village near to Barcelona. At first, I'm a little shy, but then I'm friendly. I live with my fathers and my big brother. I have a bird of many colours.
After school, I have lunch at home, and I play basketball on Monday and Wednesday. On Saturday, I play matches in different places and in Ripollet too.
I like to listen to music, and I have two favourite singers who are from the Canary Islands.
When I grow up, I would like to be a lawyer and have a good university career, and above all, I would like to travel around the world and live in Germany or the United Kingdom.
I like chocolate, pizza and pasta, but I do not like the vegetable.
I would like to make this exchange to learn more English and have a new experience in life.
I hope we get along; I want to meet you!
See you son.
My Instagram is: @mariarl2004_

04 December 2017

Can Mas team - Fernanda


My name is Fernanda, I’m 13 years old and I’m from Spain. I live in Ripollet, Barcelona. I’m medium height, I’ve got long brown hair, I’ve got brown eyes and I have got brackets. I am shy but I want to know you.
In my family we are four members. My father and my mother’s names are Vinicio and Patricia, respectively. I’ve got one sister; her name is Genesis, they are from Ecuador. When you come we probably have a dog at home.
My favourite subject is maths. When I grow up I want to be accountant.
In my free time I like go cycling and watch TV series and movies based on comics of Dc and Marvel like Riverdale(well this is not from any of those companies), Arrow, The Gifted . My favourite music is pop. My favourite is Imagine Dragons.
In the photo I was with my little cousin, I spend a lot of time with my family.
I really want to meet you!!
See you soon.
Fernanda Yanchapaxi Rodriguez
Instagram: @f0fly

Can Mas team - Carla

Hi! My name is Carla, I am 13 years old. I’m a girl with strong temperament, but I am a very nice and lovely person.I haven’t got any brother and sister.My mum is called Mari and my dad is called Manuel. She is 48 years old and she works as a postwoman in Sabadell,a big city near Ripollet.My father is 45 years old and he works in a food Factory, he makes frankfurt sausages.
I have got long, straight ,brown hair. I’m very tall.I like meeting my friends, and I like playing basketball. What dogs are not mine, som of my uncle. Instagram:@carlaaaa._11

03 December 2017

Can Mas team - Luhara


My name is Luhara and i’m 13 years old. I’m from Spain, and I live in Ripollet (Barcelona). I’ve got long Brown hair, and I’ve got Brown eyes.
My father and my moder’s names are Jose Antonio and Soraya, and my sister, her name are Desirée.
My javourite subjects is art and catalán lenguaje. I love dancing, I dance every Monday and Thursday.
I hope to see you soon. :)

Luhara Ledesma López

Can Mas team - Marina V


My name is Marina and I’m 14 years old. I live in a house in Ripollet, a town next to Barcelona.
I have one sister called Helena and one brother called Unai.She is 8 and he is 11 years old. My mum is called Esther and my dad is called Paco.They are both 42 years old. My mother works as a teacher and my father works as a buisness man in electrical apilance,wiring,piping company.
I am a very lovely girl and a nice person but, when I get angry I have strong temperament but I rarely get angry.
I have long,curly,brown hair.
After school, I go to a dance school on Mondays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to the English school.
My hobbies are dancing and meeting friends. At the weekends I meet my friends , they are very funny and friendly.
I hope that when you come you feel like home and have a good time.
Instagran: maariinaa_08

Can Mas team - Alba

Hello, my name is Alba Carmona. I’m friendly, but at first, I’m a little shy. When I get to know people I’m very funny. I’m thirteen-years-old, and I live in Ripollet, a town near Barcelona. I live with my mother and my rabbit. My rabbit is lovely and cute. My mother cooks delicious paella and speaks English. My father lives in Tona, a village in the mountain.
My high school is called Can Mas.
After high school, I have lunch at home and play basketball on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Saturdays, I play matches at different places and sometimes also in Ripollet.
I love animals. In the future, I’ll want to become a vet and live in Australia.
I like horse riding, listening to music in my bedroom and watching videos on Youtube too.
I love four kinds of cheese pizza, pasta and meat. I only like green beans and cauliflower with potatoes. I love chocolate.
My Instagram is: albacarmona77
See you soon!